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Playlist - La La Land.

This post is long overdue.

I'm not a movie buff, so I came to know about 'La La Land' approximately a year and a half after it was released - in May 2018, to be precise. Since that time, I've watched the movie nearly eight times.

(You can check out the New York Times critique of the movie, here.)

  • Why I love the movie so much :

My dad was extremely ill in 2018, and I remember playing the jazz number 'Take Five' by Dave Brubeck on my mobile for him, as he lay on the hospital bed in a semicoma. Both of us loved that song, and he did respond a little whenever I played it for him. (I cry like a baby each time I think of those last few, painful days of his life.)

He passed away in October, 2018, and I kept watching 'La La Land' during the initial months of grieving, to take my mind off the pain. Now, each time I watch the film, it brings back memories of that pain.

I smile, thinking of the fact that a film about jazz, helped me cope with the death of my father, who loved the genre even more than I do. How wonderful, right?

  • My favorite part of the movie :

I've been to many jazz concerts and festivals with my dad, and so, I absolutely love the part where Sebastian explains to Mia about the thrill one gets when they watch a live jazz performance. I could totally relate to it, because I know how enthralling a live jazz performance can be.


Music has this wonderful ability of helping one cope with pain. For many months after my dad passed away, I kept listening to the jazz numbers from the film, over and over again.

The instrumental songs are absolutely beautiful. The actors are quite pitchy in the other songs, but they are nonetheless very catchy.

  • The songs which I love from the movie :

1. Another Day Of Sun :

2. Someone In The Crowd :

3. Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Instrumental) :

4. A Lovely Night :

5. Herman's Habit (Instrumental) :

6. Summer Montage/Madeline (Instrumental) :

7. City Of Stars (Duet) :

8. The Fools Who Dream :


Do watch the movie and listen to the songs, especially if you're a fan of jazz.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!

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