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My Weight Loss Journey Update.

May, 2018 to Sept, 2018 :

I embarked on my weight loss journey in May, 2018.

Once I started, I became obsessed, and lost around 40 pounds in less than 6 months.

However, I overdid it, as a result of which my metabolism got affected, and my body hurt.


Oct, 2018 to Feb, 2019 :

After my dad passed away in Oct, 2018, I started eating a lot of junk food, due to the increased stress.

I stuck to fasting throughout this phase, and hence, increased only a couple of pounds.


March, 2019 to the Present :

Due to examinations, I shifted from OMAD to 16:8 fasting, in March, 2019.

However, yet again, due to the stress, I didn’t follow a particularly healthy diet.

As a result, during the past 9 months, I’ve gained around 15 pounds.

I’m glad that I didn’t gain all the 40 pounds that I had lost, but I am currently working on losing these 15 pounds as well.


Fasting, exercise and logging meals :

One thing I have stuck to, right from June, 2018, is intermittent fasting.

I make it a point to listen to my body, and vary the fasting hours accordingly. On some days, I feel hungry after 12 hours of fasting, and on others, I don’t feel hungry even after fasting for 22 hours.

Exercise has also become a vital part of my life. I do not exercise daily, although I try my best to do so, as it helps with my anxiety, and motivates me to stay on track.

I try to log my meals as much as possible, although, to be honest, I have not been doing it regularly this year.


Listen to your body :

Whatever exercise routine or diet you follow, make sure to listen to your body.

Also, make changes which you are sure to stick to for a lifetime.

Do not exert yourself too much, and give your body the rest and cheat meals it requires.

Mental health is also vital for a happy body and a happy life.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll reach your goal sooner than you know it!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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