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My First 48 hr Fast.

I’ve been intermittent fasting since June, 2018.

(I do not consume anything, other than water, when I fast. Technically, it’s called a Water Fast.)

Till this day, I fast for 16 hrs to 22 hrs on a daily basis. Sometimes I prolong my fast to 25 hrs, but never beyond that.

I remember fasting for 29 hrs during Sept, 2018. However, it was only because there was an emergency at home, and I didn’t have an option to eat.


My first 39 hr fast :

Started fast at : 9 pm on 2nd Jan, 2020

Ended fast at : 12 pm on 4th Jan, 2020


My first 48 hr fast :

Started fast at : 5 pm on 31st Jan, 2020

Ended fast at : 5 pm on 2nd Feb, 2020


It should be noted that as I have been doing intermittent fasting since the past 1.5 yrs, my body has grown accustomed to burning fat for fuel, and that is the reason why I am able to fast with ease.

It is NOT recommended for anyone who hasn’t fasted before, to start a multiple day fast from the beginning itself.


Improved concentration :

I’ve read a lot about how fasting can make your brain work better, but I experienced it first-hand this time.

I was able to let go of my overthinking with great ease, and be more focused on my studies.

Also, listening to music in this state was complete bliss.


More energy :

We’ve grown up believing that food gives us energy, which is only partly true. We have access to a lot of food 24*7, and we tend to eat more than our body requires.

Our body then stores the extra energy as fat, which usually never gets utilised unless you eat less.

When you fast, your body utilizes this stored fat for fuel.

I always had this misconception that if I fasted for more than a day, I’d be weak and would probably end up in the hospital.

However, to my surprise, I had more energy than ever before. I was even dancing at the 36th hour of the fast!


Fasted exercise :

I’ve been doing exercise in a fasted state ever since I started fasting.

Over the 48 hr window, I realised that I was able to do the fasted exercise with greater ease. However, I made sure that I did small workouts, and not long hours of cardio.

I did the following exercises (spread out over the 48 hrs, not all at once) : – 150 squats – 100 skater hops – a 10 min standing abs workout – 60 donkey kicks – planks


Non-medical benefits of fasting :

1. You learn to appreciate your body.

2. You learn to appreciate food.

3. Your self-confidence improves drastically.

4. Your overall mood changes for the better.


Disclaimer :

I am not a doctor, nor a dietician.

I write weight loss and fasting posts purely from my own research and experience.

Kindly consult your doctor in case you want to practice anything I mention in my posts.


Do check out my other health and weight loss posts, here.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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