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Misunderstandings Between Friends.

We’re all human, and everyone makes mistakes.

Sometimes our emotions get the better of us, and we end up yelling at people who weren’t in the wrong.

Eventually, it is upon us to realise our mistake, and apologise to the person we hurt.


My experiences :

1) When people have yelled at me :

After their apology, I’ve told them to forget about the incident, and to never speak about it again, because it would only ruin our friendship further.

2) When I’ve yelled at others :

After my apology, some forgave me, and forgot that I ever yelled at them. Thereafter, our friendship became stronger than ever.

But some chose to give me the silent treatment, or worse, to respond in a terribly formal way. And that’s how our friendship ended.


The person who is hurt has three options :

1) Accept the apology, and move on as if nothing bad happened, rekindling the friendship, which would have otherwise turned sour.

2) Accept the apology, but never be the same with the angry person again.

3) Refuse to accept the apology.


Option #1 :

If someone apologises, you know that they’re truly sorry, and they regret ever yelling at you.

Maybe the friendship wouldn’t be the same again, but it’s worth a try, right?

You slowly learn to avoid topics which would make the other person angry. You learn to compromise, you learn to let go.

You choose to save the friendship.


Option #2 & #3 :

When someone yells at you for no logical reason, or for a really stupid one, you lose respect for the angry one.

It feels like the angry one never knew you, or liked you, in the first place.

It feels like the friendship meant nothing.

It feels strange, it feels empty.

You know that you’d be stepping on eggshells around the angry one, wondering whether what you say next would make them as angry as they were before.

And so you choose to avoid them, to be angry with them forever.

You choose to let go of the friendship.


I understand both sides of the argument.

But fights and misunderstandings are bound to take place in life, and in the end, forgiveness always wins!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!




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