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Imperfection Is Happiness.

I had written a major portion of this post a few months ago, but I never ended up posting it, ashamed that it wasn't good enough. Well, I realized today that an imperfect post is much better than no post at all, so here goes...


Most of the toxic community of "influencers" online equate negativity with great marketing, making us believe that our life isn't worth living if we don't emulate them.

I've criticized myself for the longest time for not exercising daily, not practicing my hobbies as much as I would have liked to, or not putting in enough effort to fit a hundred tasks into a single day. However, overtime I've realized that it's not worth living a life wanting to achieve perfectionism and sacrificing happiness in the bargain.

I owe this positive change to some amazing influencers online, who challenge negative beliefs and come to the aid of those being bullied for being themselves.


The lessons:

Below are a few lessons I've learnt from them, which have helped me feel happier and more fulfilled:

  1. Be kind to yourself: Growth should not be equated with misery. You cannot implement changes in your life if you are constantly criticizing yourself.

  2. Slow down: If you are falling ill due to stress from excessive workouts, work or anything else, it's time to make some important changes and slow down. Skimping on rest and sleep in order to do other things is the worst decision one can take. Always remember, health first.

  3. One size does not fit all: Slim people aren't always healthy, and bigger people aren't always unhealthy. You can be extremely healthy and still look much bigger than others, and that's okay!

  4. Know your body's worth: Love and celebrate your body for what it can do, and stop punishing it for how it looks. Your body goes through a lot of changes every month and the number on the scale shouldn't determine your self-worth.

  5. Balance is key: You can eat a few processed foods and desserts every week, provided that the rest of your diet is filled with nutritious foods which have plenty of fiber, healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates.

  6. Enjoy your hobbies: It's okay to not be great at a hobby you love. It's a hobby (and not your profession) for a reason. Do what you love, when you can, and leave the stress behind.

  7. Be different: Learn to love your imperfections, because that is what makes you unique. In a world where everyone wants to be perfect, try to be different!


Even though I have written many posts on these lessons in the past, it is vital to be reminded about them on a daily basis, which is why following good people online is essential.

Here's a list of a few accounts I would absolutely recommend that you follow:


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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