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"Happy Women's Day!"

To all the gems who treat everyone with kindness, irrespective of gender,

I salute you, and I wish more people were like you.

To everyone else -

The next time you wish someone "Happy Women's Day",

Remember to be kind to her during the rest of the year as well.

Because if you believe that you deserve recognition and respect,

So does she!

You ridicule her knowledge and her opinions,

Because you never felt that she was ever entitled to have any.

You tell her that being unmarried and without kids, is a shame,

Because that is the sole purpose of a woman's existence.

You criticize her driving skills,

Even though you may have never seen her drive,

'Coz you know, "All women are bad drivers."

You criticize her for not being good enough,

But you fail to see her putting in extra hours, hoping to gain your approval.

You don't acknowledge her efforts,

But you take credit when she receives any praise.

Any achievement she is proud of,

Turns out to be something "anyone can do".

You brush away her complaints,

Assuming that it may be "that time of the month" for her.

She cries, she complains, she quits,

Not because she is weak,

But because she knows that she deserves better.

She is stronger than she knows,

She is more beautiful than she shows,

She takes the world by storm,

And can change your life, if you just let her,

She is wonderful, never forget to tell her!


Happy Women's Day to all my confident and beautiful women out there! Stay strong and always be true to yourself.

P.S. All genders are guilty of the above behavior, and I've sadly experienced it far too many times, as I'm sure many others have. Live and let live, people! Life is too short, be kind.


Women, check out this playlist of songs just for you : Playlist - Woman, You Are Fabulous!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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