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Be the Change You Want to See.

Socially accepted bullies - you know, the family members who love comparing you to everyone else, the teachers who accused you of cheating despite you being the most honest kid in class, the friend's parent who laughed at your marks when you were barely ten years old, the person who guides you how to write professional exam papers despite never attempting one in his life, the colleague who never appreciates your work and always belittles you to prove superiority, and all the other bullies I've left out.

This post is dedicated to you all. I hope and pray that you become better!


Most people have been brought up with their family members, teachers and society being extremely critical of their every move, which leads to them becoming adults who are extremely critical of everyone around them. But they actually have a choice to be someone completely different – appreciative, kind, motivating.

The cycle of bullying can end only when the victim decides to put a stop to it. They have two choices - to continue bullying the next person they have power over, or to end the cycle of bullying completely.

It takes a minute to appreciate someone's hard work, but instead people take that minute to point out the 1% work done ineffectively, irrespective of the fact that 99% has been executed flawlessly. I fail to understand how people do not realize how their toxic behavior scars people they are unkind to!

Praise and appreciate the person for whatever they have done right, and then alone point out any inefficiency! By doing this, you will not only make the person value you more, but the person will also start valuing themselves more. The purpose of life is to raise others up, not push them down!


Bad experiences in life have moulded me into a person who treats others with kindness especially because I know how terrible it feels to be treated badly.

I will not bully you just because I've been bullied, but if the bullying lasts too long, I will not stay quiet either. Everyone has a breaking point, and everyone has a voice. Don't condemn me if I use mine, instead learn to be a little more kind!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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