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Another Meditation Milestone!

In Feb 2023, I had completed 145 days of daily meditation. Sadly, I missed a day of meditation, and my Headspace meditation run streak went back to zero. It is disheartening to have to start all over again after reaching such a high number of days, but in the end, the number does not matter – the peace and happiness one gets through daily meditation is what matters. The run streak just serves as a motivational tool, nudging us to keep meditating no matter what.

Thereafter, I started meditating daily again, and reached the 140 day meditation mark, and once again after missing a day of meditation, my run streak became zero. This time I wasn't demotivated, because I have learnt time and again that getting stuck on a failure is pointless – we need to learn to move forward while looking at the bigger picture.

Today I completed 100 days of meditation. Am I thrilled? Absolutely! Would I miss a day of meditation and get my run streak ruined once again? Hopefully not, but judging from my past experiences, probably yes! Haha.

Had I not missed those few days in between, I'd have completed almost 400 days of meditation today. But had I not started meditating once again, I'd have never been able to build a meditation practice at all.

Failure is inevitable, but rising back up and starting once again is what sets us apart from the crowd.


Want to build a new habit? Start small:

When it comes to building habits, getting started is the most difficult part. That's why I always recommend that when starting a new habit, always start small. A ten minute exercise session is much better than being sedentary all day long. A five minute daily meditation practice is much better than waiting to get stressed in order to start meditating.

There is no right time or right place to start a new habit. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone can seem daunting, but trust me, it's worth it in the end!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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