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Walking along the seashore, on the cold, soft sand, Gazing at the sea, and the faraway land.

How amazingly small those huge ships look, They seem so tiny, like pictures in a book.

Fishing boats pulling their nets which were overboard, Fishermen straining to manage the heavy load.

Birds flying away with fish in their beaks, Feeding on their prey near a lonely creek.

Two lovers holding hands, strolling on the beach, Wanting never their destination to reach.

Small kids building castles in the sand, Carefully sculpting masterpieces with their little hands.

Shacks playing loud music, serving drinks and food, Everyone is in such a good mood.

Well, they had to be, because Goa is the place I’m talking about, It is paradise on Earth, without a doubt!


A photo of me walking on the beach, in Goa.


P. S. I had written this poem more than 5 years ago.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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