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6. You're Wrong About Everything (But So Am I).

Do read the first post from this series, before reading this one.

Excerpts from the book are in image form. As this chapter is pretty long, I have not included my insights in the post.


In this chapter, the author writes about how certainty is the enemy of growth, and how being less certain of yourself and your decisions can lead to tremendous progress.

  • Architects of our own beliefs :

  • Be careful what you believe :

  • The dangers of pure certainty :

  • Manson's law of avoidance :

  • Kill 'yourself' :

  • How to be a little less certain of yourself :


Note : For a more detailed understanding of the excerpts, do read the book. It’s a brilliant eye-opener!

You can check out Manson’s blog, here.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!

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