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The Kind Tempest

Hey there!


I’m Ellen, a highly sensitive, empathetic introvert, who loves helping others.


However, I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences in life, which have taught me to be strong, to stand up for myself, as well as for my values. So when it comes to fighting for what’s right, I become a storm, a tempest. Hence, the pseudonym – The Kind Tempest.

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy reading!

About My Blog

I write on the following topics :

  • Self-help & Motivation – Motivational articles based on personal experiences and books I’ve read.

  • Books – Excerpts (and insights) from my favourite self-help books.

  • Health & Weight Loss – Knowledge I’ve gained through extensive research, which helped me lose more than 40 pounds in less than 6 months, in addition to other health-related articles.

  • Musings – Random thoughts which do not fit into a specific category.

  • Music – Playlists of my favorite songs, as well as my covers on the guitar and keyboard.

  • Poetry – Poetry by an amateur poet, who tries her best to write poems which do not rhyme, to no avail.

  • Sarcasm/Rants – When I speak my mind, I'm not always kind.