Yellow Hearts.

I had a motivational account on Instagram last year (my second one), which I deleted due to creeps (much like the first one).

Now let me tell you a story about the creep who caused the negativity which made me close the account :

I used to post Instagram stories very similar to my sarcastic blog posts/rants, and one of them was about those stupid people would followed and then unfollowed as soon as I followed them back.

At that time, I used an ‘Instagram Follower Tracker’ which showed me which people had unfollowed me. I would often wonder how people had so much time and patience to do the following-unfollowing exercise daily.

Anyway, I wrote a rant about how I believed in mutual support, and that if people wanted to unfollow me right after I follow them back, then why the hell did they follow me in the first place? (I had written it in a sarcastic way. It was a year ago, so I don’t remember what I actually wrote.)

One great Indian guy, much younger than me, sent me a message which said something like ‘You are a mean bitch. You aren’t following me yourself when I am following you, and you post such stories. You just talk too much, you mean bitch.” (Again, it was a long time ago so I don’t remember his exact message, but it was very insulting.)

Now the thing is, I used to follow every person who followed me, so my ‘Followers list’ and ‘Following list’ had the same number. Exactly the same! So the fact that he abused me for no rhyme or reason, made me really mad.

Never in my life had a random stranger called me a ‘mean bitch’, and interestingly, for something I didn’t do.

I have never sworn in Hindi, but I was furious when I replied to that guy, and I used the colourful Hindi swear word, (the beginning of which sounds like ‘chew’) at least 15 times in the conversation.

I am a very kind person, but if someone treats me like crap, I fight back.

I posted the entire chat as Instagram stories so that people knew what a twerp he was. The stories created a lot of drama and negativity. Many of my Instagram friends came out in support, but many friends, who were sweet to me before, told me that I was wrong to lash out at him.

I became even more furious, because people supported him when he was clearly in the wrong. They told me bluntly that I should have just ignored him, instead of fighting.

Now tell me, how are the world’s problems ever going to be solved if people have this kind of attitude? I am not in any way saying that this stupid issue is at par with the world’s problems, but shouldn’t standing up for oneself be a person’s right? Shouldn’t they be allowed to express their view without being told to stay quiet?

There was a lot of unnecessary drama over the next few days after the argument, and as usual, I began overthinking. I can’t stand drama, so I was going crazy.

The drama died down in a few days, and I posted a picture of myself in a yellow outfit, the caption of which read “yellow for positivity”.

From then onward, I’ve made sure that I use yellow hearts whenever I speak to someone. It is like a peace symbol for me.

After the entire incident, I never felt like uploading motivational posts on a platform which caused so much negativity in my life. So after a week I deleted that account.

Everyone knows that a red heart signifies love.

The yellow heart is a message from me, to those who want to flirt, to keep away. (Please don’t flirt with me, you make me want to barf.)

So if I send you a smiling emoticon and a yellow heart, please note that I send the same to everyone. I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!