What A Woman Looks For In A Man.

I remember in class a few years ago, a group of girls I sat with asked me what I found most attractive in a man. My answer was – 'His smile and his eyes'.

Have you ever noticed that if someone fakes a smile, their eyes betray them? So, yeah, a genuine smile is a definite turn on.

Be a man who is :

1. Kind – I could write a book on this point! If you treat people with dignity, be rest assured that your woman will never leave you. Be a rude twerp, and you'll be dumped!

2. Empathetic – Similar to kindness. Before you say or do something, put yourself in your woman’s shoes. If you feel that it will hurt her beyond repair, then don’t say or do it! Follow the Golden Rule, dude!

3. Humble – Stop flaunting those six-pack abs, expensive watches, or anything which (you feel) makes you a ‘chick magnet’. Maybe you should try being humble, because arrogance is a big turn off.

4. Honest – No relationship can survive without honesty, and yet, so many men think of it as the least important quality.

5. Loyal – In this age of polygamy and open relationships, there are still women out there who prefer a single partner. If you’re so inclined to cheat on a woman who prefers a monogamous relationship, break up with her and spare her the pain! She's definitely better off without you!

6. Decent – Stop taking pictures of your body parts, and sending them to women in the hope that it would turn them on! What is wrong with you, man? How sick can you be? Also, a woman would like a man who looks into her eyes and talks, rather than at her bosom! Yes, we do notice when you stare even for a split second, and it makes us anything but comfortable. Be decent!

7. Respectful – The next time you want to compare your woman to someone you saw at the gym, or some actress you saw on screen, go fuck off! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and if you don't realize that, then well, you don't deserve her!

8. Mature/Responsible – If you are wrong, be man enough to admit it. Don’t always blame your woman, it won't do you any good.

It goes without saying, that a woman who wants a man with the above qualities should embody such qualities herself.

Remember, it takes two to tango.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!