“Stop Being So Sensitive.”

I’m a highly sensitive person. When I’m angry, I become wild, like a frickin’ tempest! And when I’m happy, I can be the sweetest, most loving person on earth.

For a highly sensitive person, every emotion (be it anger, happiness, sadness), is amplified a hundred fold, compared to a normal person.

All people do is judge and criticize :

“You’re too sensitive. Grow up!”

– If I had a penny for each time someone said this to me, I’d be rich.

It’s annoying when people can’t understand what highly sensitive people go through each day, and instead choose to criticize.

A little empathy goes a long way, you know!

This is what I do when I experience these extreme emotions :

1) I meditate.

2) I cry.

3) I listen to music.

4) I isolate myself from people who get on my nerves.

5) I rant.

Also, for the record, I frankly give a damn about whoever thinks that I should grow up, and keep my feelings to myself.

This is MY BLOG!! So, if you feel that I’m being rude/kiddish/stupid, go f*ck yourself, and take a close look at your own character/personality before judging mine!

Rant over.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!