Social Media Players.

I’m not talking about those who play ‘Farmville’ or whatever the new ‘hot’ game on Facebook is, I’m talking about those men (maybe women too) who go around on social media, flirting with every single lady (or man) they feel can shower upon them the love and affection a significant other would. They call it ‘harmless flirting’, I call it ‘creeping me out’.

I had motivational pages on Instagram twice, and both the times I was very vocal about these creeps. I used to upload funny posts or rants about them, and I can’t tell you how irritated it used to make them. But that never stopped them from messaging, oh no, they were dumber than pigeons. *It’s a joke, PETA.*

And to be honest, I only faced this with Indian men. Not that there aren’t creeps abroad too, maybe the Indian ones just feel more at home creeping out Indian women on Instagram.

What some of these men usually do is they start their own motivational pages or poetry pages so that they find something similar between the women and themselves, and then they start ‘liking’, commenting and then flirting. Smart, right?

Some are more straightforward and will approach a woman because they see that she is kind and replies to every comment (happened with me a lot). They don’t understand the difference between kindness and flirting.

On one occasion a guy asked me if I would date him. I told him that I was already seeing someone. You know what his reply was? “But could you still be my girlfriend?” What the f***, dude? And what’s even funnier, I had never spoken to that guy before. He found it appealing to ask a random stranger to date him, like it was the Instagram version of Tinder.

On another occasion a guy called me his ‘angel’. *barf* I replied by calling him my ‘brother’ and posting a story telling people to refrain from calling me their ‘angel’ or anything remotely creepy. He was livid. Haha.

Once I called a guy ‘bro’ and he never texted back. Awesome right? At least he got the message, but not all of them do. Indian men do not like being called ‘brother’ or ‘bro’, they find it really insulting.

Let me explain, ‘Brozone’ is one step ahead of ‘Friendzone’. No brother would want to flirt with their sister, and that’s the whole point of the ‘brozone’. It exists because certain men are not smart enough to understand that when a woman ‘friendzones’ you, she doesn’t want to date you, AT ALL.

There are many such men on WordPress as well, or for that matter, any online platform they can find, to flirt and creep women out.

I've come across married men on WordPress, who openly write romantic poems for young women bloggers, while their poor wives are totally unaware of what their 'loyal' spouses are doing. It's pathetic!

The Golden Rule states, ‘Do unto others as you would want to be done unto you’ : Dear men, I don’t creep you out, so a small request – Stop creeping me out!!

I’m not saying all men are like this. I’ve made some lovely male friends online, and I wish all men were as nice as they are.

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Why do you care? Why can’t you just ignore them?’ Well, if I didn’t care, then who’d write such entertaining rants? Haha.

P. S. Have you heard the song ‘Friends’ by Marshmello and Anne-Marie? I had posted it on Instagram once to shoo away the creeps. Do listen to it, it’s an awesome song, and it sums up everything I’ve written above.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!