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Playlist - Daughtry.

My dad loved music, and I grew up listening to Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits and all the other greats. However, it was only after high school, that I started listening to other genres of music, and building my collection of songs.

I first heard Chris Daughtry sing on season five of American Idol, and as far as I can remember, he was my first singer crush.

A few years later, when I was done with high school, I remember going to the (physical) music store (yes, those existed twelve years ago) and getting so excited when I came across his album 'Daughtry', that I purchased the CD immediately. I didn't know much about the internet at the time, so I spent 400 bucks purchasing a CD with songs that I could have downloaded from the internet for FREE! Sigh!

'Daughtry' was the first music CD I had purchased with my own pocket money, and also the last, because after a few months I got an iPod, so I never listened to the CD again. (I still have it though, stored safely away in my cupboard, along with other priceless mementoes.)


We used to have this long vacation after 10th grade, just before 11th grade began, and I remember listening to the CD on repeat, on a portable CD player I had, and simultaneously doing embroidery. I know, it's extremely odd to picture a 15 year old girl headbanging and singing along to rock songs, while doing cross-stitch. *wink*

I joined guitar class during that time as well, and had requested my guitar sir to teach me the song 'Home'. Since then, it has been the one song I play on the guitar each and every time I practice.

So here's my cover of the song, which is a little different from the original, considering the fact that my voice and guitar playing aren't remotely as good as Daughtry's :


Till this day, I remember the lyrics of all the songs on the album, and I still sing along loudly to each of them, as they bring back so many beautiful memories.

Here's a list of songs from the album 'Daughtry' :

I love you, Chris Daughtry, for making me love music even more!


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Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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