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My YouTube Channel.

I’m an amateur musician, who plays the guitar and the keyboard. However, due to examinations, I hardly practice either of the instruments (something I’m trying to improve).

In the past, I’ve uploaded videos to YouTube, of me playing the guitar and singing, but as usual, ended up deleting them within a few months.

(For many years, the “delete” button has been my best friend. Turns out, I have commitment issues, more so with social media than with people. But I’m trying to change that. Baby steps.)


I’ve decided to start posting videos to YouTube again.

I have stage fear and social anxiety, so the videos I record don’t have any visuals, only audio.

I don’t have a great voice, but all the windows in my house are intact, so that’s a good thing, right? *wink*


Do subscribe to my channel, if you want to listen to my lovely (extremely kiddish) voice .

Any constructive criticism is always welcome.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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