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My Darling Weighing Scale.

How much I have tried to please you,

The amount of approval I seek from you is unhealthy,

I admit it.

During the last few months, life got in the way,

Stress and crazy timings made me skip exercise and reach for all the junk food possible.

But you never understood me,

You remained judgemental.

Oh yes, I am angry,

With you,

But also with myself.

I let myself wander,

Away from who I was,

Away from what I worked so hard to achieve all these years.

But a few weeks of self-hatred have finally made me realize how much I needed to love myself again,

Whether you supported me or not.

I'm finally letting go of all that anger,

And I will no longer allow you to take over my life.

Instead, I will count the positive choices I make daily,

Whether it is exercising for ten minutes,

Skipping dessert,

Logging my food,

Or fasting.

I will look at myself in the mirror and see someone who tried,

Who has won, who has lost,

But most importantly, someone who will never give up.

Because I am worthy,

And you can't convince me otherwise.




Just like we let the number on the scale define our worth, we let the opinion of others do the same.

We need to differentiate between people who criticize us in order to break us down, and those who lovingly point out our mistakes in order for us to soar higher.

Stick to those who fall in the second category, and stay far away from those who fall in the first.

You are worthy and wonderful! You got this!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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