My Covers - Hindi Songs Mashup.

My friend got married last weekend, and as I couldn't attend the wedding due to the COVID-19 restrictions, I decided to record myself playing a few hindi songs on the guitar, and dedicate it to the newly married couple.

In the video below, I've played the following songs :

Here's the video :

I don't listen to hindi music at all, so other than 'Pyaar Ke Pal', I hadn't heard/played any of the other songs before. It was fun singing them though, even though I can't speak hindi very well.

Around 8 years ago, for another friend's wedding, I had learnt how to play 'Pyaar Ke Pal', and I absolutely love that song. Since it's the one hindi song that I actually sound good singing/playing (I think), I decided to upload a video of it separately.

Here's the video :

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Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!