My Cover - 'Hero' by Chad Kroeger ft. Josey Scott.

I vividly remember going to the theatre to watch the first Spider-Man movie in 2002, with my parents and siblings. I hadn't been to the theatre before, and I literally froze due to the air-conditioning.

That was the first and the last time we went for a movie together as a family. (My parents weren't big movie buffs, so this was a rare outing.)

The song 'Hero' is from that Spider-Man movie. Damn, what a beautiful song it is!

The song :

My cover :

So, as you can see, I've uploaded a video of me playing the guitar. I'm really happy that I'm slowly becoming more confident, and getting over my social anxiety.

Maybe next time I'll upload a video showing my face. Maybe, no promises. *wink*

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Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!