Meaningless Poetry.

I like simple poems, ones which can be understood immediately, ones which don’t make the reader bored. But there are very few poets who write those types of poems.

I am utterly useless at interpreting poetry. In addition, I am useless at commenting on poetry. What do I say about a poem I hardly understand, or which I never related to at all, other than ‘beautiful poem’?

Nowadays with the sudden rise in the number of so-called “poets”, there are poems flying around everywhere, be it on Instagram, Facebook or WordPress.

Here’s a poem I’ve written, as a tribute to the lovely people writing meaningless poetry :

The sky is blue,

The WordPress logo too.

People walking on the street,

Dogs eating meat.

An ant crawling on the ground,

A dumbass of a man I have found.

My towel is taking ages to dry,

The depressed folk cry.

Mind in the gutter,

Kitchen filled with clutter.

I see a bus,

All day I cuss.

When will this poem end,

I wonder if I will ever find a friend.

What? You want one more? Oh c’mon, don’t flatter me! *blush*

Okay, okay, one more, just for you :

Brave are those who fight for a cause,

The sea is turbulent,

The wind angry,

I fight, he fights, we fight,

I die, he dies, we die,

Lying beneath the ground,

Flowers bloom upon our graves,

Soon to be eaten by a hungry dog.

I know that there are some people who will find the meaning beneath the above poems too. *face palm* They’re random garbage I just thought of, so don’t bother. Haha.

Let me know if you’ll want more, I never knew I could write so well. *wink*

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!