Live, And Let Live.

Me : I feel as happy as a daisy. You : Woah, are you crazy?

Me : Life in magic. You : Your beliefs are tragic!

Me : All religions preach about peace. You : No, religion is a disease!

Me : I love God. You : There’s no point, it’s all a fraud!

The world is bad, but not all of it, Yet, you make it seem like a hellish pit!

It isn’t possible to be positive all the time, But why do you make optimism seem like such a crime?

Why don’t you let go of your ego, your pride, And for once, look at the bright side?

Trust me, It’s better to be insanely optimistic, than a cynical mess, At least that way, you’ll hate the world (and your life) a little less!

I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago, and I mentioned to him pretty clearly that I hate speaking about religion and politics. Yet, he made sure that he spoke about both, in grave detail, hoping to brainwash me into believing whatever he said.

(Frankly, I wanted to slap the guy! He’s lucky that I didn’t cut the call, and instead listened to him in silence, as all my rebuttals fell on deaf ears.)

I condemn hatred towards any religion, and it deeply hurts me when people actively engage in it. What’s the point of doing so, I really don’t understand! What do they gain but a terribly negative attitude towards life and the world?

Yes, the world is filled with physical violence in the name of religion, but verbally spreading hatred towards religions, makes you no better than a terrorist.

Also, I can’t stand it when people argue about God.

Do I force anyone to love God, or follow a particular religion? Definitely not! I only share my beliefs and experiences, in the hope that they will help others in their own struggles.

Then why do these highly optimistic individuals (yes, that was sarcasm), find the need to tell me that I’m foolish to believe in God, and that atheism is the true way of life? Why can’t they respect other’s beliefs, no matter how much they disagree with them?

My advice to these dodos :

Stop bursting other people’s bubbles, in the hope that they become as miserable as you are.

Live, and let live!

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!