They are like hyenas,

Their souls as dark as the nights, when they venture out in search of innocent prey,

Aiming to attack and to devour any shred of hope and love that those innocent creatures bring to a world consumed by darkness and hatred.

They attack,

Watching their victims bleed,

They laugh,

Their dark souls gleaming with the only happiness they've ever known,

That of causing suffering to others.

They are foolish,

For they don't realize that the more suffering they inflict on others, the more they will suffer themselves.

Their victims, they are warriors,

Made stronger by each attack,

They will always win,

Because the power of goodness is stronger than that of evil,

And love, it always wins over hate.

This poem is an expression of the anger I feel against certain men (in this case, certain toxic neighbours), who go through great lengths to ruin an innocent woman's reputation (in this case, my mum's) so as to feel superior.

Crimes against women will continue unabated if such is the mentality of men! I hope and pray that such toxic men reflect upon the cruel things they have said and done, and ask God for forgiveness. Because such misdeeds only God can forgive!

I hope you're somewhere praying,

I hope your soul is changing,

I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees,


My mum, she's the strongest woman I know, and my siblings and I will fight for her for the rest of our lives. No toxicity can ruin love, no toxicity can ruin us!

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!