Hey Boys, My Eyes Are Up Here.

I’ve always been a little conscious about my body, and ever since I hit puberty I began slouching so that I wouldn’t appear ‘big’.

I am currently doing a professional course, and I used to go for classes for the same a few years ago. I used to experience the same thing every single day – a guy sitting beside me looking sideways at my breasts, while I tried my best to cover them with my arms or my bag. It used to make my blood boil!

One more thing that got on my nerves was guys looking at my chest, instead of my eyes, while talking. If I was a little bold at that time, I’d have certainly slapped them.

In India, ladies wear a shawl or a dupatta to cover themselves up, mainly so that men don’t look at their ‘assets’. But instead of ladies covering themselves up, why can’t men learn to look at ladies with respect, and not with watering mouths?

See, I’ve never been someone who wears low tops or shows even a bit of cleavage, I’m just not comfortable with that. That’s the reason why I find it strange when men stare at my breasts, when they are completely covered by a tee shirt?

I am a lady, I have breasts and I shouldn’t be ashamed of them, right? Then why do men make me want to cover myself with a bedsheet whenever I go out?

We sure don’t look at men’s trousers and judge the size of their ‘assets’, and I’m sure they wouldn’t like it if we did, then what pleasure do they get by making women feel so uncomfortable?

In this post I have only shared my own experiences, and I am sure many women have gone through the same.

Not all men are the same, many are chivalrous and I respect them for that.

In the same way, not all women are the same – some wear low tops solely to attract attention and then complain about men staring at them, that’s hypocrisy.

But then again, not all women who wear low tops are doing it for attention. That’s their dressing style, they are comfortable with their bodies and they shouldn’t be condemned for the same. (Such women would never complain about being stared at, and I really admire their confidence.)

In the end, shouldn’t all people, irrespective of gender, be allowed to live without being stared at, harassed or judged?

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!