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Happy Birthday, Dad.

As much as I try to brush away the grief,

As much as I try to turn a new leaf,

As much as I try to smile and move on,

Deep down it still hasn’t sunk in that you’re gone.

You always enjoyed life, and we are trying to do the same,

Truth is, our hearts break a little more each time we hear your name.

So many weekends I wake up and say to myself, ‘Oh it’s Sunday, dad will be at home’,

And then I realise that you’re not,

I miss you, dad, not a little, but a lot.

Today I cry a few more tears, than any other day,

I love you dad, I love you, is all I want to say.

Happy birthday, dad,

You are dearly missed!

A funny childhood picture with my dad and my older brother.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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