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Habit Formation & Goal Achievement.

Have you ever wanted to introduce a new habit in your life but realized that procrastination has always been your best friend? It happens to everyone, so don't worry!

There is no perfect time or day to start practicing a new habit, but the present moment is a great time to begin.

Whether it is to reach a specific goal or to simply improve the quality of your life (which is a very important goal in itself), visualization, planning, tracking and recommitting can help you achieve any goal you set your mind to. Each of these steps are also habits which require consistent practice to master.

So how do you begin? It's extremely simple -- you just start!

In order to not overwhelm yourself, which may lead to quitting, it's always wise to start small and then slowly increase the time and effort. (Read 'The 2 Minute Rule & The 5 Second Window.') Overtime, the habit will become second nature, and you will end up feeling lost if you don't practice it on a daily basis.


Always remember that consistency is key. But what happens if you take a break for a few days and lose your run streak? Well, as demotivating as that can sometimes feel, it's important to start again.

A few months ago I had completed 125 days of meditating, and I continued the practice till around the 145th day, after which I sadly missed a day of meditation, which led to my run streak getting recalculated from Day 1. How demotivating it was to see "Run streak 145 days" turn into "Run streak 1 day" on the Headspace app. The thought of quitting felt very tempting, but I knew that it would lead to regret. So I started once again, and I've currently crossed the 65 day mark. Starting all over again after reaching the 145 day mark was difficult. At such times, the steps I mentioned above - visualizing, planning, tracking and especially recommitting, come in handy.

Real change takes time, and it's the impact that the habit has made on your life that should matter in the end.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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