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God Friended Me : Season 1 - Part 1.

I love watching comedy shows, because laughter is the best stress buster. I found the show 'God Friended Me' last year, and since it wasn't a comedy show, I wondered whether it would cheer me up. Well, it most definitely did! Being someone who loves helping others, this show was right up my alley.

'God Friended Me' is about a boy named Miles who gets friended by someone calling themselves 'God' on Facebook. The irony is that Miles is an atheist who runs a podcast called 'The Millennial Prophet', where he convinces people that God doesn't exist. Over the course of the show, 'God' keeps sending Miles friend suggestions of people who are in need of help, and Miles, along with his friends Cara and Rakesh, finds ways to reach out to those people.

While watching the show, I found so many sentences which were extremely inspirational, and thought about writing them down, but life got in the way. The good news is that I started re-watching the show again a week ago, and this time I took out the time to write down everything that I felt would inspire others, just like it inspired me.

The sentences below are written in order of the episodes -- they are either things said by one of the characters during the episode, or part of what Miles says at the end of the episode.

  • Episode 1:

People say that God has a plan for all of us -- that we’re part of a grand design. Well, I never believed that to be true, but then He friended me and it turned my life upside down. Not that I think it’s God, but in these crazy times that we live in, we owe it to ourselves to ask the tough questions and to open our minds to a new way of seeing the world -- a place where we can find our voice again; where old wounds can heal and new relationships can begin; where we finally understand our purpose and find love in the most unexpected places.

The world we live in today asks more of us now than ever before; It demands more of us. Why? Because as our minds and our hearts and our ambitions flourish, so do the roads to sin.

It’s not going to be easy, change never is. We just need to have the courage to take the first step.

  • Episode 2:

Humans are social creatures. Communication is the foundation of our culture; it’s supposed to be how we all connect. But in an age where everyone’s talking, we’ve forgotten how to have a conversation. Maybe it’s about finding a new language, or putting aside our differences and really listening - because when we do, you’d be amazed at what you might hear. I’m ready to have a real conversation. Are you?

  • Episode 4:

People talk about fate or destiny like some things are meant to be, but I don’t believe in destiny. Our lives are the result of the choices we make, big and small. And when it comes to love, that’s when our choices matter the most. We choose when to open up to it, how to define it, or if we even need to. We choose when to let it back in and how to move forward. We can even choose the kind of love we need. Love doesn’t always go the way you hope it will, sometimes the timing just isn’t right. And even though I don’t believe in destiny, I do believe in second chances. You just have to be ready for it when it comes.

  • Episode 5:

Did you ever want to quit? Absolutely! But that simple choice of not walking away is a powerful thing. People feel it, the honesty of it. I’ve found that people are not looking for miracles, they’re looking for hope. And they only get that from people who have struggled and who make the choice to keep going. You’ve got that strength -- whatever choice you’re trying to make, just know that.

There are moments in life where your beliefs are challenged, where you find your true calling. And sure, it may not be exactly what you set out to do, but it’s the way you respond that matters. What I’ve realized is that helping people isn’t a burden. It’s an opportunity.

  • Episode 7:

Life has a way of turning things upside down when you least expect it. It tests our resolve. Makes us question everything we take for granted. But sometimes that’s a good thing -- it’s the only way to move forward, to usher in a new adventure. And yet, it can come at a cost. But that cost is a reminder of what’s truly valuable, what’s worth fighting for. And sometimes it shows us what was there all along, that we just couldn’t see.

We are all tested, but it is in our response that we discover who we truly are. And who is willing to stand by us in our darkest hour.

  • Episode 8:

Sometimes it’s hard not to see our lives as a story. We assume that the past chapters in our lives, our history, have led us to where we are now. We feel beholden to it, tied to the story that got us here. But what happens when that story starts to change?

Sometimes the stories we thought were over are anything but. And we realize that happy endings are rarely easy, or simple, or expected as we thought. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth it.

In the end, whether a new story is taking shape, or an old one is suddenly being replayed in a new light, you never know where a really good story might go.

  • Episode 9:

We live our lives thinking we need to leave something behind before we die. But a person’s legacy can mean so many different things. It’s the shared experiences we all go through that binds us together, paving the way for new relationships, while also reminding us that it’s never too late to mend the past, and hope for the future. And if we’re lucky enough, we get to see the lessons of our life passed down to those we love most. That’s the thing about legacy, it’s never too late to change it, or make it better - you just have to know where to start.

  • Episode 10:

Most people say that you can’t go back in time, that there is no way to correct the mistakes of our past. The past is a funny thing -- the only power it has over us is what we choose to give it. When we let go of it, we let go of the expectations that come with it, the need to correct it.

The past will always be a part of who we are. It’s how we feel about it moving forward that matters. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing one memory with another, or finding some small way to carry it with us. And while I know you can’t go back in time and correct the past, sometimes you can get pretty close.


P.S. Feel free to re-read the sentences again and again, till you grasp their meaning -- that's the way I read self-help books, and it's a habit that can truly change your life. Happy reading!


Disclaimer: None of the sentences in the main body of this post were written by me. All credits to the writers and the creators of 'God Friended Me'. Do watch the show -- it will not disappoint!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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