Financial Advice - Part 1.

I’m unsure whether I should call this a rant, or financial advice, so let’s call it a ‘rant on financial stupidity’.

Financial advice :

My late dad never spoiled my siblings and I, because he wanted to teach us about the value of money, especially that which was earned through his blood, sweat and tears.

While working with him, I was given very important financial advice :

1. Never spend more than you earn. (i.e. don’t fall into the debt/credit card trap.)

2. Never lend money to people, as it ruins the friendship/relationship.

Extremely valuable advice, right?

Financial Stupidity :

I was watching a show on television today, called '90 Day Fiancé', coz I could find nothing better to watch (obviously).

I got to say, the entertainment industry is coming up with some really interesting (and stupid) shows to keep us amused!

So, in this particular episode, a 48 year old American dude (a divorcee) is about to marry his 24 year old fiancé, who’s from Thailand.

The man goes shopping with her for the wedding ring, but doesn’t have enough money to buy it. This surprises the fiancé, who gets super pissed.

The fiancé questions the man about how he doesn’t have any ‘safety money’. The man says that that is what happens in a divorce, you lose everything. The fiancé is understandably, very worried about how he will be able to provide for her in the future.

They then show them in Thailand (preparing for a traditional ceremony), before which the dude goes for a body massage with his brother/friend. And the dude asks his brother/friend for a loan of 50,000 baht (around 1,600 USD or 1,15,000 INR), as he is unable to gather funds for the dowry, ceremony, blah, blah, blah.

After they talk it out, the brother/friend agrees to give the dude the money.

The stupidity of the situation blew my mind!

This dude is divorced, has hardly any savings, and yet, takes the decision to borrow money from someone, to spend on his second wedding!!

He is going to marry a woman, who has made it very clear that she has to be provided for, and he decides to embark on this new journey, ridden in debt!

Brilliant, bugger, simply brilliant!

My questions :

1. If you don’t have money, why get married in the first place?

2. Before getting engaged, why can’t you be honest with your significant other about your financial situation?

3. If you are cash strapped, why not have a small ceremony/reception, instead of spending tons of money on a shindig?

Yes, love is the glue that holds a marriage together.

But if you’re not going to be able to pay the bills and the rent, then that love will fade away real quickly, my friend!

Rant over!

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!