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‘Far From Fact’.

Laughter is the best medicine. It truly is.

That’s the reason why I am always on the lookout for a good comedy show/podcast – something crazy, something hilarious.

I came across a podcast called 'Far From Fact' last month, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Keshav Naidu and Husein Merchant speak about random problems which appear in the news, finding hilarious solutions, which will leave you in splits.

Do listen to their podcast, 'Far From Fact', which is there on most podcast platforms.

They have pages on Instagram and Facebook too, so do check them out!


I listen to podcasts on the Castbox app, because it’s free and I’m Indian. *wink*

As soon as I listened to their first few episodes on 5th June, I commented on their podcast.

I never really expected a reply. I just found them amazing, and wanted them to know.


Surprisingly, Husein replied to my comment a few days later :

I wasn’t sure it was really him, so I didn’t comment back.


A random stranger also replied to my comment :

Crazy, right? Weird creep!


Their hilarious replies :

On 22nd July, while listening to their podcast I thought I’d see the other comments, and I couldn’t stop laughing after reading Keshav and Husein’s replies :

I wanted to comment on their replies, because they were so hilarious, but I thought it was better not to.

I didn’t want those other fans to send me gun emojis instead of roses (by the way, I don’t like guns or roses. I like Guns N’ Roses though, the band. Haha.)


I did reply to Husein’s comment on the same day, as I realised (after reading their other replies) that it was indeed him who had replied to my comment before :


I’m not on Instagram or Facebook, so there was no way of me contacting Keshav and Husein through social media.

So I thought I’d email them (I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before), as I still wanted to tell them how awesome their replies were. Haha.

Again, I didn’t expect a reply, but Husein replied.

I got so excited, like a frickin’ teenager! I may have creeped them out with my long emails, I’m sure. Haha. Sorry, guys!

But Husein was still really kind in his replies, which I appreciate. Thank you, Husein!

This is what a teenage fangirl would say, right? Relax, I’m not so girly! *wink*

A crazy turn of events :

When I had first started listening to their podcast, I had started from the latest episode.

They used to refer to old episodes sometimes, so in between I decided to start listening from Episode 1, you know, like any normal human being would.

I still have 20 old episodes to listen to, but I’m also listening to the most recent ones simultaneously.

Get to the point, already!

Okay, okay. So I listened to their 52nd episode today, and guess what? At the end, they spoke about me, my comment and that rose guy! How awesome is that!

Funny thing is I had emailed them on 22nd July with no knowledge of my name and comment being mentioned in their 9th July episode. *hiding my face in embarrassment*


Okay, so long story short, they’ve made me famous, and so I’m returning the favour. Haha, just kidding, they’re already famous!

Do listen to them, and subscribe to their podcast. They’re crazy awesome!


P.S. I’ve used the words ‘listen’, ‘podcast’ and ‘episode’ so many times in this post, that my head’s hurting now.

I’m sure yours is too. You’re welcome. *wink*


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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