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Embrace Your Inner Weirdo.

Most people act the way society wants them to, which often makes them behave like robots or puppets. They try to seek approval from people who aren’t going to give them any.

Even if they do get the approval they want, it will not give them any peace, because they are behaving in a way which isn’t true to themselves.


I have always made fun of myself, and called myself weird. I don’t mind being laughed at, in fact I’ve (sadly) gotten used to it. At least I’m not forcing myself to be someone I’m not.

When I narrate an incident or something very funny about myself or how I behaved in a certain situation, I always end the story by saying ‘I know, I’m weird’.

The reason I say that is because I know that the other person is thinking just that. I’ve had many people tell me ‘You’re really weird’, either that or I’ve seen the expression on their faces when I say or do something which isn’t ‘normal’.


Now by telling people that ‘I know, I’m weird’ I’m putting myself in a box, by making myself believe that being ‘normal’ is the right thing, and being ‘weird’ is frowned upon.

But what exactly is the definition of ‘normal’? Doesn’t it not boil down to seeking approval from others, by comparing ourselves to the ‘correct’ way other people behave? And isn’t that very, very wrong?


Just like nobody is perfect, nobody is normal. Each one of us have our own personality traits, some of which will never be accepted by those around us. We all have a character we love being, which we are most comfortable with, but which we are also ashamed of.

But by constantly hating our true selves, we are only giving others a chance to hurt and criticize us. Stop the self-hatred, immediately.

You are wonderful and if that inner weirdo is trapped inside wanting to be let out, go embrace it. Learn to love yourself, learn to be yourself. And if people laugh at you, learn to laugh along.

Trust me, being real and happy is definitely better than being fake and sad.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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