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Do You Feel Inadequate?

No matter how much success we achieve in life, all of us tend to feel inadequate at some point or the other. When we feel this way for extended periods of time, it leads to depression.

It’s human tendency to compare our achievements to the achievements of those around us, making us undermine our capabilities, as well as the efforts we’ve taken to reach where we are.


The grass is always greener on the other side :

We fail to realize that the person we are comparing our life to, may just as well be looking at our life with envy.

No matter how positive people may make themselves out to be on social media, they are as miserable as the rest of us.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to imply that life is full of misery. All I’m saying is that life can be terribly miserable if we only drown in our sorrows day and night.


How do you nip it in the bud?

Start by focusing on your achievements, and comparing them only to your own struggles of the past.

Another habit which can help you achieve a sense of gratefulness and self-love, is to write down your achievements, and smile at each one of them.

And maybe while you’re at it, write down your dreams and goals, and work towards them, giving yourself credit for every small win.

(One more tip, take a piece of paper or a book, and write down the above. Typing them into an online journal, or note, just doesn’t have the same impact as plain old pen and paper. Believe me, I’ve tried.)


Life is an endless journey of ups and downs, and until you value both happiness and suffering, you will see no meaning in it all.

Smile at your failures, because without them you’d never be able to celebrate your successes.

Also, go give yourself that much needed hug, you are worth it!!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!




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