The last time I cooked proper main course dishes was in 2018. I had learnt how to make paneer (cottage cheese) from scratch at the time, and so, I ended up making a lot of paneer dishes. Here are a few photos of those dishes :

Paneer making.
Palak paneer.
Paneer makhani.
Paneer bhurji.
Kadai paneer.

That was in 2018. Thereafter, I never really cooked - I always had an excuse - either I had too much work, or I had to study. The only things I've made every day, over the past two years, is salad, egg dishes and chapatis.

My darling mum has been singlehandedly cooking all the main course dishes all these years, and I've now taken over that responsibility from her for a few days, as she is not keeping well. I'm actually cooking whole meals!! Can you believe it? No? Well, neither can I. Obviously I'm not as good a cook as she is, but it feels great learning from her.

Who'd have thought that the pandemic would make me start cooking. Strange times, I tell you, strange times... But I'm elated, because I've always wanted to start cooking properly. Yay!

What have I cooked over the last week? Butter chicken, fried chicken, chicken vindaloo, chicken cutlets, rice, different types of dals and chapatis. (I've not had the time to take pictures of the dishes I prepared, but I'll hopefully do so in the future.)

And guess what? I even baked banana bread/cake on my own!! I've finally grown up (sort of), I'm so proud of myself. Haha. *wink*

I never realized that cooking was so much fun! I used to always be stressed about having to rush back to my studies/work, but this time I'm taking it easy. I spend around 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen every day, and I feel super happy that I'm finally able to be there for my mum, just like she's always been there for me. She's the best!

While making the chapati dough a few days ago, I started introspecting : When you begin to mix the flour, the water and the oil, you wonder when it will all come together. You keep mixing, and it still looks like a mess. You mix, you knead, and finally it forms into a dough. And that's exactly how life is - things can be messy, things can seem impossible, but eventually, it all works out.

So, don't lose hope, keep dreaming, keep hustling and keep achieving. You got this!

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!

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