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Body Positivity.

There’s no harm in being overweight, There’s no harm in being skinny, As long as you are comfortable in your own skin.

There has always been that inner voice telling me that I wasn’t good enough, And it made me settle for men who turned out to be monsters, tearing down whatever little was left of my self-confidence.

Each day I looked in the mirror and saw someone who didn’t match upto the expectations of society. I laughed when people called me ‘fatso’ or ‘panda’, but I cried bitterly when I was alone. My inner demons didn’t make the situation any better, they laughed too, while I was torn to pieces by the world and by them.

All those taunts didn’t make me do anything about my weight. The weight kept piling on, till one day on a trip with friends, I could no longer walk, My chest hurt, I couldn’t breathe, That is when I resolved to take care of my health. The Universe teaches us lessons in mysterious ways.

The perfect body – that’s an illusion. Models in magazines are photoshopped to look like barbies, what kind of example is the fashion industry setting for young minds? Things are changing, but all too slow. Plastic surgery has become the new dental treatment, With youngsters wanting to look like Snapchat filters of themselves, The situation is deplorable.

I started losing weight in order to feel good, Afterall, a fit body is the best fashion statement. I do not want to fit into the boxes of society any longer, I am working on being healthy, Because that is what really matters.

Be happy with your body, or eat healthy and exercise if you aren’t, But don’t ever let society tell you how you should look. Stand up for yourself and make yourself a priority, It’s never too late!


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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