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Be Present, Spread Your Wings And Fly.

Life is absolutely beautiful when it is lived. So many of us go through each day of our lives with no enthusiasm, spending each waking hour just like we did the day before.

We need to realise how important it is to stay conscious in the present moment. By conscious, I mean that we have to learn to be acutely aware of what is happening in the present moment – not getting caught up with mindless thinking about the past or the future.

The past teaches us lessons and the future is something we can look forward to. However, it is the present moment which gives us the power to change our lives for the better.

  • Here are some tips to help you stay present :

  1. Be grateful – Write down three things you are grateful for at the moment. This will enable you to realise how lucky you are indeed. The complaining will soon vanish.

  2. Meditate Mindfulness meditation is one of the most powerful tools to help you stay present. Each day of meditation has it’s own challenges and may not always be simple. However, it is absolute bliss to be free of mind-clutter and you’ll get better at it once you start. Meditation is indeed the key to inner peace.

  3. Read – There are tons of books out there which will really help change your life. Life is all about learning. The more you read, the more knowledge you gain, and the more skills you have at tackling problems which keep you from enjoying the present.

  4. Exercise – It is extremely important to keep our body and mind healthy. This decreases stress and reduces depression.

  5. Journal – It could be in an old notebook or in a note app on your phone, journaling is something which will enable you to understand better what you are thinking about at the present moment. Expressing your thoughts is very effective at reducing overthinking.


Life is all about taking chances. You may never know how good you are at something unless you try. Don’t let the fear of failing stop you from trying.

Start writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, go on that holiday you’ve been planning for years, start learning that new skill you wanted to learn, dance in the rain, do whatever your heart really wants. Stop letting fear get in the way of what you truly desire.

Take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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