All We Need Is Change!

As the season of Ramadan has begun, I'd like to share a poem I had written for a stationery shopkeeper many years ago during the Ramadan season. I had even gone back to his shop the next day and gifted him a laminated copy of the poem.

Instead of being proud of my gesture, I never went back to his shop due to my social anxiety - fearing that he may not remember me and/or may have thrown away the laminated gift. Haha.

Yesterday I met an amazing person,

A wise man whose words of wisdom made me smile with glee,

I wish everyone would like him be!

He was a simple, humble shopkeeper from the city,

But nonetheless he was really very witty!

As I entered his shop, he was giving a young Muslim girl some dry fruits to eat, helping her break her fast,

Despite him being from another caste!

He was a Hindu and she was a Muslim,

But he said that religion did not matter,

It did not make a human any better if he belonged to the former religion instead of the latter!

Discriminating people on the basis of religion and belief,

Is spreading more and more hatred and grief!

This man reminded me about how all our religions preach about loving one another no matter what,

But in the trap of selfishness and pride we all are caught!

To stop injustice, to stop all the pain,

Absolute communal harmony is what we need to attain!

We need to change the way we think and behave,

So that our country can progress,

And we can get out of this pathetic discriminating mess!

It is time to pull out the arrow of hatred which pierces our heart,

And the wider community of "Indians" we need to form a part!

To all those who observe this month of prayer, Ramadan Mubarak!

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!