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A Different Love.


I’ve been hurt far too many times before,

But you’re the one who’s healed each sore.

I want our love to be different,

I want to feel this way every single day.

Let’s be best friends, and then lovers.

Let’s make fun of each other, pull each other’s cheeks,

Let’s cook together, let’s also bake,

Let’s go for long walks and bike rides,

I’ll be your best drinking buddy, trust me, I’m a lot of fun,

And when we’ve drunk a little too much, we’ll laugh like idiots, and dance all night,

Oh darling, into my life you fit just right.

When we fight, I want us to pause and hug, till we forget what the fight was all about,

But yes, we may fight again, so at that time let’s sit down like adults and sort everything out,

I hate fighting, but I love you,

So I promise, everything will be okay.

When you are sad, I’ll be right by your side,

I will hold you in my arms and hug you till you feel alright,

My embrace may make you long for air, but darling put your lips to mine and let us breath as one,

We will be two hearts beating with one soul,

Darling, you’re the only one who makes me whole.

And each night as you lay asleep in bed,

I will hug you and on your cheek I will plant a kiss,

Coz darling all my life it is you who I missed!


I strongly feel that every couple should first be friends and then lovers. Love fades with time, only friendship can keep that love alive.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!



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