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8. The Importance Of Saying No.

Do read the first post from this series, before reading this one.

Excerpts from the book are in image form, and my insights are in bold, below them.


In this chapter, the author stresses upon the importance of commitment. He explains about how rejecting alternatives makes life more fulfilling, as we are often much happier with less.

In addition, the author gives a lot of good relationship advice in this chapter. (As with all my summary posts, I've selected only a few excerpts to add here, so do read the whole chapter in order to really benefit from the advice given.)

A year ago, I had written a post with the same title - The Importance Of Saying 'NO'. Do check it out.

  • Rejection makes your life better :

  • Boundaries :

I've had low self-esteem since my teenage years, due to which I've always put the needs of others before my own (primarily to seek validity/approval), so, I would be categorized as a 'saver'.

My journey of healing from an emotionally abusive, toxic relationship I was in 5 years ago, has enabled me to realize the importance of self-love. Now, I no longer feel the need to be a 'saver' in my relationships, as I know that I don't need to seek approval from anyone but myself.

Two pieces of advice I always give people :

1) Be comfortable being alone. Only then will you truly enjoy the company of another.

2) Love and respect yourself first. Then alone will you be able to love and respect your partner.

  • How to build trust :

  • Freedom through commitment :


Note : For a more detailed understanding of the excerpts, do read the book. It’s a brilliant eye-opener!

You can check out Manson’s blog, here.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!

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