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4. The Value Of Suffering.

Do read the first post from this series, before reading this one.

Excerpts from the book are in image form, and my insights are in bold, below them.


In this chapter, the author writes about four people : Hiroo Onoda, Norio Suzuki, Dave Mustaine and Pete Best, and how the values they prioritized, determined the quality of their lives.

The author stresses on the importance of choosing the right values, in order to get better problems and a better life.

  • The self-awareness onion :

  • Honest self-questioning :

  • Values & Comparisons :

I had written a post in the past, titled 'Victimhood & Comparison', about how comparing myself with others only made me very bitter, and slowed down my progress. Taking responsibilty for my problems changed everything.

  • Change your values :

  • Terrible values :


1. Pleasure :


2. Material success :


3. Always being right :


4. Staying positive :

  • Good and bad values :


Note : For a more detailed understanding of the excerpts, do read the book. It’s a brilliant eye-opener!

You can check out Manson’s blog, here.


Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!

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